Monday, May 10, 2010

Landon is 2!!

What a great Kid!!


Hey all!!!

January to May what a rush!!! :)

My midget is two!!! He has his own big boy bed, he has an amazing vocabulary and is so sweet, always wanting to help. Although he has definitely hit his terrible two's.

Micah is still working his butt off at everything he does. Always there when you need him!! And needs a vacation bad!!! :)

We've been married 6 years already!!! I couldn't imagine going through anything without him!
I get him for all Eternity!!!! :) YAY!!!!

I graduated from WSU with my associates in Paramedic, and I am now preparing to take my final test to certify as a Paramedic (May 24- won't know the results till the next day), I'm pretty nervous.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Been awhile!

Hey family,


Ok so I only have 3 more weeks of school left and then about 500 hours with the different stations, and then it's graduation. Totally excited.

Once I get through April I'll do better with the blog.

Love you guys!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Nielson Family!

The Original Tribe!

Starting with the baby of the family... Micah! :)

Love them!

Jacob and his cute family!

So cute!!

Micah's older sister, Sarah and her family

Man they are cute too... Sorry Tay... Handsome.

Mom and Dad / Grammy and Grandpa

Moments you hope to never forget!!!

Eli Samuel Landon
Here is our handsome little trio. Sam was born in February, Landon in March and Eli in May. All of them are so different and yet so stinkin' cute in their own ways.

What a cute little turd, just stood up and sat down on his best friend. "E" (that's what Landon calls him).

Love ya!
HOLY Crap, How cute is he!! :)

16 months old already and is as fun as can be.
Well its been another year, and we had the opportunity to get together as families and do pictures again. These pictures are of the Young's side. I'll post right after about the Nielson side.

My older sister's family, the Macari's.

Man I love those girls!

Love this pic. My Parents... cute!

My cute little family!! ;)

My cute little sister and her hubby.

The Original Tribe.

The New Tribe.

The Whole Tribe!!!

After the pictures were done the girls took off down the little stream and pretty much got drenched. They had a blast doing it though.

Love you guys!